Rowenta Studio Dry 2nd Generation

Studio Dry’s 1st generation realized 580 000 units sold in the world in 2011. I was demanded to design the new generation of this range for 2014.

My work was sketching, design language researching, 3D modelling, rendering, CMF studying, branding graphic researching… The project was made during my internship at SEB Group in 2012. And the products were entered in market on March 2014.

Client: Rowenta (SEB Group)

Project created in 2012

Studio dry-01.jpg

Studio dry-02

Studio dry-03

Studio dry-04

Studio dry-05
There are 3 different colours for Studio Dry. I worked with the marketing department to define all the colours and labels.

Studio dry-10.jpg


Studio dry-06
And then we made mock-ups with right CMF to evaluate the whole design. I made the 3D modelling for stereolithography mock-up, and sent to engineers to develop electronic part.
Studio dry-07.jpg
The last sample we received from manufacturer. The final design is validated by SEB design team and marketing department.

Studio dry-09

Studio dry-08